Severance Pictures

Apple TV – Series Severance

Attic access door they used to check for either taking the blinds out or putting new ones in.
Light Fixture Change
Fixture changes at every door on both sides of the compex
Infamous Front Door
New lighting, Notice that the entry light isn’t lit. They couldn’t figure out how to control them.
Prop cars
Apartment complex this character lives at.
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Production light placed in our bedroom. It was never used in the first night’s filming.
“Winter is Coming”
Electrician’s are shutting off the street lights,
Let it snow.
Set is ready for first scene.
Ben Stiller
Panoramic of the street Friday, March 12th.
A portion of the crew friday night.
Ben Stiller’s work desk during friday night’s filming.
Camera setup that will be used on the characters car.
John Turturo is standing at the drivers door.
We were fortunate to meet Ben Stiller. He was so nice to us. He told us that he was the person who actually found the location. Liked how the buildings and angles looked and picked our door.
Audio is provided by our neighbor Evan. John Turturo opens the outside door into the vestibule. He then comments on that take. They call for another take and you can hear Ben Stiller call for “Action”. March 12, 2021.
March 11, 2021.
Leaving for work early Saturday morning at 12:30 am, March 13, 2021. They filmed until 1:30 am. Laurie heard them say it was a “wrap” and they all clapped.